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Making Ireland Click is a campaigning four-part series, guided by Ireland’s Digital Champion, David Puttnam, as we explore the need for every citizen to be digitally literate. David’s aim is to encourage all citizens to do more with and embrace on-line technology in the way we live our lives at home, at work and in the way we educate the current and future generations.


David Puttnam believes society is now moving so fast with regards to technology, that if we don’t get on that train and get involved, we’re going to be left behind. The National Broadband Plan is in motion, trying to get everybody on-line and now selected towns all over Ireland are being piped with incredibly fast broadband. But what’s the point if people aren’t using it? Or don’t even know what to do with it?

This landmark series, produced by Wildfire Films for RTÉ One will examine how this Island on the edge of Europe is answering these questions. While spending time with David Puttnam, Mícheál Ó’Muircheartaigh (whose new best friend is his laptop), teachers, elderly groups, students, families and small businesses, we get to closely examine the challenges and success stories that are driving this discussion.

Starting on 31st October, on RTÉ One at 7.30pm, each episode examines a different aspect of digital participation in Ireland:

31st Oct — Episode 1: The First Click

In this episode, we meet older people and adult learners who are just starting to dip their toes into the online world, and find out what it means to them to take their first click. Find out more about Episode 1.

7th Nov — Episode 2: The Education Race

As part of David Puttnam’s campaign for reform in education, this episode examines the take-up and usage of technology in Ireland’s schools. Can Ireland keep up? Find out more about Episode 2.

14th Nov — Episode 3: Connected Town

We reveal how the introduction of high-speed broadband is having an impact on one rural community. Can David’s home town of Skibbereen become a blueprint for rural regeneration? Find out more about Episode 3.

21st Nov — Episode 4: Our Digital Lives

Bringing things closer to home, David uncovers how the digital revolution is affecting everyday behaviour and family relationships. Find out more about Episode 4.



On MakingIrelandClick.ie, there are over 100 resources and courses aimed at those who want to get started online, and those already online, who want to do more.  As well as resources, the website features a few of Ireland’s citizens who have taken the first click, in a series of online-only mini-documentaries sponsored by OpenEir, and provides background information for each TV episode and the series themes.

Social Media

Using social media, Making Ireland Click shares resources for online learning and promotes digital inclusion across all sectors of society. Social media users are encouraged to #havethetalk with someone close to them, to help improve the digital skills of others.


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